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Bambach® Saddle Seat

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The advantages of the Bambach® Saddle Seat

Many thousands of customers from all over the world already confirm the positive effects of this design-patented, ergonomic saddle seat. The Bambach® is CE certified and approved by the TÜV. Consequently, in accordance with QM standards, the Bambach® Saddle Seat may be used in the medical device sector, in clinics and medical practices, as well as in public institutions such as kindergartens, schools, universities and other educational institutions.

Our customers are enthusiastic about the Bambach® Saddle Seat and here is what they say:

Effective reduction of pain

Fewer inactive periods (due to sick leave)

Increased zest for life and vitality

Superior quality and high lifespan

Customer testimonials

Dr. with. Helga Heß, Hinternah, Germany

'Thumbs up for the natural seating posture! You do sit in a more upright position. We noted that our back problems and the pain linked with it have improved considerably. We’d never do without it again!'

Erwin Jahn – hair salon 'Klosterfriseure', Munich, Germany

'We use the Bambach® Saddle Seat as it offers us the best possible back relief while working! I spend about
5 – 6 hours per day and am now much more relaxed in the evening. I can highly recommend the Bambach®.'

Dentist Renate Thieme, Schwulper, Germany

'The Bambach® Saddle Seat is particularly good for my sitting posture. I have not had any back pain since using it. Meanwhile, all our treatment rooms have been equipped with one, and our employees are thrilled.'

Dr. med. Paul Diemer, Ellwangen, Germany

'We have gradually replaced the chairs in six treatment rooms with Bambach® Saddle Seats. The Bambach® Saddle Seat is well made, takes up little space and allows for a comfortable sitting position.'

Dr. Felicitas Kuld, Pforzheim, Germany

'There is no chair that is more comfortable than the Bambach® Seat, and we have tested quite a few models. Most were too wide or the saddle itself annoying, and their operability was significantly worse. Since we have been sitting on a Bambach®, we no longer have had any back problems and we sit upright in a correct posture, without wriggling around, and we are less tired.'

Steffen Müller M.A., Knittlingen, Germany

'Thumps up for the Bambach® design. It is foremost the positive, ergonomic posture that is important to me. Since I started using these seats, I have no longer suffered from problems in the back and neck area. The posture is stable throughout the treatment.'

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